We combine the latest neuroscience and aesthetic practices to create engaging, interactive VR, AR and MR experiences






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Clinical Applications


We combine the latest neuroscience and aesthetic practices to create engaging, interactive VR, AR and MR experiences







Training and Simulations







Brand Activations







Sales and Marketing














Clinical Applications

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“Liminal 360’s work on the Melbourne Central Coops Shot Tower heritage experience has exceeded our expectations on many fronts.  The quality, realism, and authenticity of the graphics, interactions and story was so realistic and emotionally activating that the response from shoppers was overwhelming, tripling our target with over 3000 uses. I only have great things to say about the team, who tailored the experience expertly to the historical record and our marketing campaign, and ensured that the design of the experience was suitable for use as a permanent feature in the Shot Tower Museum. “

Jacqui Howden – Marketing Manager
Melbourne Central / The GPT Group

“We have recently used Liminal 360’s virtual reality technology for the first time to promote our new mixed-use ‘Coburg Quarter’ development and could not be happier with the results. The team has created the ultimate virtual reality experience using interactive floorplans, fly-throughs and digital renderings and the response so far from our agents and clients has been astounding. The technology has exceeded our expectations and was delivered to a high quality standard within a tight deadline so this definitely won’t be the last time we use the technology to help showcase our vision for new projects to prospective clients.”

Ben Anderson – Managing Director
Future Estate

“Liminal’s virtual reality experience has had a very calming influence on our patients. It relaxed them and lifted their spirits all at the same time. I was impressed by the team’s commitment to developing evidence-based products and their sensitivity to the needs of our hospital and patients.”

Stephen Coyle – Patient Liaison Office
Brunswick Private Hospital

“Liminal 360 has created the best interactive tool we have used to date for off-the-plan apartment sales. The clients love the 3D experience of being able to see inside an apartment that isn’t built yet, and the team was fantastic to work with. We will definitely be using them again!”

Felicity Paglia – Sales and Marketing Manager
SP Projects

“Liminal’s VR tour has exceeded our expectations. Being able to take potential donors ‘inside’ the building has strengthened their interest in the development and led to some significant support as a consequence. Due to the success of our first VR tour, we will be engaging Liminal 360 to build another VR tour for us when we next embark upon another major building project at our School.”

John Phillips – Director of Advancement
Brighton Grammar School

“In a few words, Liminal are fantastic to work with. They built and produced our experience within 8 weeks (with acknowledgment of the product’s limitations). They were also very helpful in our marketing, PR, content and social requirements, which our team produced. We run fast and lean at B.B.E, and Liminal suited us perfectly. I couldn’t recommend them more.”

Adam Beaupeurt – Strategy Director


Articles in the media
















Executive Team

Damian Moratti
Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO and co-founder of Liminal 360, Damian is passionate about pushing the boundaries of VR and evangelising the power of immersion and presence Virtual Reality affords. Prior to Liminal 360 Damian had spent the last decade working in the trenches of technology; building a company from the ground up dedicated to providing end users and SMEs with IT support as well as eMarketing services as a Google Partner.

Nick Busietta
Managing Director

Nick is a major projects IT lawyer, consultant and co-founder of Liminal 360. He applies over seven years of commercial, legal and consulting experience in clients from the corporate, government and education sectors. Nick is committed to working with organisations to implement virtual reality in ways that maximise their impact and return on investment.

Creative and Development Team

Dan Borthwick
Chief Technology Officer

As Liminal’s CTO, Dan applies his passion for immersive technologies to play a key role in ushering in a new frontier of transformative VR experiences. With over ten years of experience as a software engineer in the games industry, he has been at the forefront of mobile and social gaming through leadership positions at Electronic Arts, King and Natural Motion. Prior to that, he co-created an innovative image based rendering technique as a virtual reality researcher at the National University of Singapore’s Mixed Reality Laboratory.

Stephanie Andrews
Creative Director

Stephanie has had a genre-spanning career around the intersection of art and technology. She has worked in technical direction at Pixar, as well as in a variety of digital art disciplines. In the field of academia, Stephanie has 10 years experience as a lecturer in higher education, has won major grants for her research into stereoscopic imaging.

Adam MacGowan
Adam MacGowan
Lead 3D Artist and Animator

Adam is an award winning 3D artist with over 16 years experience working in virtual reality, video games, film, and television as an animator, 3D modeler, VFX Supervisor, coder and rigger. This includes work for major production companies such as Animal Logic, Iloura and Square Enix and on in-game and cutscene animation on AAA titles including BioShock and Hitman. He has played an instrumental role in projects that have won Cannes awards and AFI award nominations.

Tin Nguyen
VR Developer / Programmer

Tin is a programming guru with know-how in virtual reality, game design and visual art. Prior to working at Liminal, he was active in the indie games scene, shipping over 5 titles in 3 years. His aspiration is to deliver higher immersion and impact than he has ever been able to by combining the skills he developed in game design with virtual reality.

David Rosalion
David Rosalion
3D Artist and Audio Designer

David is Liminal’s newest 3D generalist, animator and audio designer. Having completed his Bachelor of Arts (Games and Interactivity) from Swinburne University, his skillset includes 3D modelling in varying art styles from photorealistic, to stylised and low-poly, character animation, rigging, level design, lighting and UI.  He is also an accomplished sound designer and musician.

Yvette Wouters
Yvette Wouters
VR Developer / Programmer

Yvette has been developing in Unity as a VR and software developer for four and a half years and has a bachelor of Bachelor of Information Technology (Games and Graphics Programming) from RMIT University. Yvette has a diverse knowledge of operating systems, programs, and multiple programming languages.

Research and Psychology Team

Jenny Sun
Jenny Sun
Behavioural Neuroscientist

Jenny is a behavioural neuroscientist and UX researcher with over 5 years’ experience in auditory and behavioural neuroscience, clinical research and mental health. Having completed her PHD at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, she applies rigorous scientific methods to deliver robust and reliable evidence-based psychometric and biometric research that is fundamental to the work done at Liminal VR. Jenny applies a unique blend of skills in the scientific and UX realm to produce work that makes a tangible, positive difference to one’s quality of life.

Adam Barton
Adam Barton (MPsych)
Emotion/Cognition Research Analyst

As a Marketing graduate with a Psychology Masters, Adam has been instrumental in driving Liminal’s research and development program. He utilises his expertise in the fields of VR and psychology to fuel his interest in the consumer VR applications of emotion and psychological research. Adam’s mission is to unlock the full potential of virtual reality within the realms of emotion, cognition, well-being and entertainment to guide Liminal’s development team in achieve targeted psychological outcomes.

Kelly Bramstedt, MPsych (Clin)
Clinical Psychologist

Kelly is a clinical psychologist and passionate mental health and virtual reality researcher. She also worked for over 6 years as a psychiatric nurse. She brings with her a passion to enhance mental health and wellbeing through the use of virtual reality technology. Kelly draws on her dual academic background in both psychology and psychiatric nursing to operationalise scientific literature into Liminal’s virtual immersive products.

International Affiliates

Paul Quasier
Business Development Executive, North America

Paul has been at the forefront of technology development and the associated market introductions stemming back to innovations from Bell Laboratories and AT&T. He has led numerous technology Lighthouse and Skunkworks projects advancing human capacities through technology platforms. He spent the last two decades integrating concepts and methodologies from psychology, ergonomics, biophilia, neuroscience and cymatics.

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